The Elders want to encourage all of those who may belong to vulnerable populations to please take advantage of our LIVE STREAM service and worship remotely.


If you or someone in your household is sick, the Elders ask you to make the loving decision to take advantage of the Live stream and worship remotely.  It is a great gift that we have the ability to take part in a live stream of our worship service, please take advantage of it.


If you are in need of prayers or other assistance, please contact one of the Elders or Nathan so that we can mobilize the Church to be what it was intended to be, a beacon of hope, help and stability amidst the chaotic waves of fear and despair which fill this world.


May God continue to bless the world through you and your service to it as we all work together to bring His Love and His Truth to everyone we meet. 

Times and Location

Every Sunday
Bible Classes 9:30 am

Worship: 10:30 am

Worship Location:

        14601 E Yale Avenue

         Aurora, CO 80014