In Person Services Have Began

     These last few months have been difficult for everyone in a myriad of different ways. Each day we pray that the crisis will end but if not, then God’s people will continue to shine bright amidst the darkness of this chaos filled world.

     Like you, we were excited for the “Safer at home” order to expire as it did. But our excitement was not fueled by the desire to eat out at our favorite restaurant, but rather it was fueled by the excitement of being able to gather together once again as a church in person and be filled with the Bread of Life.

     The elders and leaders have spent a lot of time planning and discussing when we will open back up for in person worship services again as well as seeking out ways to mitigate the risk of community spread within our congregation.

     We are excited to announce that in person services have begun.   Sunday morning Bible classes will not begin until a later date. It will likely be some time until we feel that we are “Back to normal” but this is a wonderful and exciting step in the right direction.

     A number of changes will be implemented to our “normal” worship service protocol to help minimize the risk of viral spread.

     If you are ill, or have spent time with someone who is

  • We ask that you show your brothers and sisters in Christ love by staying at home and recovering and worship remotely via the live cast before joining in with in person worship services again. Please let us know how we can help serve you while you recover.

     If you are part of an “at risk” population

  • Please do not feel that you are forsaking the assembly by not coming. Join us digitally as we will continue to live cast our service for those who are unable to join in person.

     If you are not yet comfortable gathering in a large groups

  • We love you and we understand. Please continue to worship with us remotely via the live cast.

     We ask that all in attendance wear masks

     Maintain proper social distancing etiquette and hygienic practices.

     On your way to your seats, you will pass by tables which will contain       individually wrapped communion packs.

     Baskets will be available for those who wish to do their giving via cash or check rather than utilizing the online giving on our website.

     Please refrain from clustering in large groups to fellowship before and after services. If you would like to talk and catch up, please do so outside in the open air and away from the door. 

     There will likely be a measure of growing pains which we will experience as these changes go into effect. We thank you for your understanding and mercy as we seek out the best way to serve God and serve each other. If you have any other questions please call one of the

Elders, Robert or Nathan

Times and Location

Worship Location:

        14601 E Yale Avenue

         Aurora, CO 80014