Ministries and Gatherings

  • Bible Classes

    We have two different adult Bible classes available each Sunday morning. One in the auditorium, which is a more traditional, lecture style class; and one in the basement which is much more discussion oriented. Both provide great opportunities to grow a deeper understanding of God's Word.

  • Children's Church

    During Sunday Services

    Children ages 4 through 5th Grade are invited to attend Children's Church.  After the giving, the children are dismissed to go downstairs where they will have loads of fun and enjoy craft, activities, or singing.  The money donated by the children goes to a boy named Hve who lives in Rwanda that they have chosen to sponsor.

  • Ukraine Mission

    Dennis Sopelnik is a missionary in Ukraine. 

    Ukraine Mission Report

  • Prayer Group

    Tuesday Mornings at 7 am upstairs office

    Pray together for members of Southeast and others in need; to deepen relationships with one another.

  • Food Pantry

    Serving at 4 pm on Wednesday Nights, volunteers work all week long to gather the food.

    Reaching out and loving our community.

  • Visitations

    Wednesday Nights at 7 pm

    Contact Jim for details

    Calling members, visitors, the sick, and people in need - to encourage them and to get to know them better.

  • Men's Lunch

    Thursday Afternoon, 11:45 am @ Anthony's Pizza & Pasta on Buckley and Illiff

    Eat lunch and deepen your relationship with your brothers in Christ. All are welcome

  • Many, Many More

    Come join us, we have many activities and would love for you to become part of the family.