• minister

    Nathan Turek

    Shortly after their marriage in 2011, Eri turned to Nathan and matter of factly said, "After I graduate, we are going to move to Denver." Nathan asked her if she had ever been there before. "Once", she said, "it was nice, and I feel God wants us to be there." And that was that, Nathan and his wife Eri, by faith, packed everything and moved to Colorado from Oklahoma in the summer of 2012. They lived off what little they had in their savings until they could find work. God opened up the floodgates of his blessings and poured them out on the Turek Family, for not only did they find employment, but also purpose, great friends, and a wonderful church family.

    Nathan was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. His great family taught him the joys of humor and a Love for God and serving His people. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management from Oklahoma State University and is now pursuing a Master's degree in Ministry from Oklahoma Christian. It was in Stillwater, OK where he got his first taste of ministry, working for the Stillwater Church of Christ as an International Student Ministry Intern from 2006-2009. During that time he also took part in four Let's Start Talking mission trips to Yaizu City, Japan. In 2009, Nathan was promoted from an intern to full-time minister, filling the role as the International Student Minister at the Stillwater Church of Christ; where he continued to work until they married and moved to Durant, Oklahoma.

    Eri was born and raised in Kakogawa, Japan, near Osaka. She has a Bachelor's degree in International Communications from Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan, and a Master's degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OK. She has long had a passion for helping those in need. After moving to Aurora, she began volunteering at Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and now works at a mental health facility in Denver.

  • Elder

    Brad Davis

    I was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1954 to Bill and Bobbie Davis. I have one brother, Bryan, and one sister, Brenda. My mom always referred to our family as the 5 B's. After spending most of my elementary school years in Hurst, Texas, my dad was transferred to Tulsa, Oklahoma just before I started sixth grade. We attended the Memorial Dr. congregation for a short while before we moved to the north side of Tulsa and started attending the Springdale Church of Christ. There was a very active youth group there where I experienced a lot of youth rallies, camps, and mission trips.

    After graduating from East Central High School, I attended Harding College where I met my wife Carol. I held several positions in the Frater Sodalis social club including President my Junior year. I was also on the college bowling team all four years and still hold the record for the highest average (207) in school history. I went on Campaigns Northwest my Senior year to Moses Lake, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. I left before we got started in Great Falls, Montana to head for Lisbon, Ohio where I married my bride. After graduating from Harding in 1976 with a degree in Business, Carol and I moved to Monroe, Louisiana for a little over a year where our first child, Candy, was born. After returning to Tulsa to work for Amoco, Crystal came along in 1979. We eventually got an opportunity to relocate to Denver in May of 1981. Carie came along in August, shortly after our arrival. Brandon was born in 1984 and our family was complete.

    Once in Denver, we attended the Lakewood congregation until, with the help of Carol's dad, we built our house out close to Parker. I should probably say that Carol's dad, Argle, built it with a little help from us. We then attended the Parker Church of Christ for a while until we discovered Southeast thanks to Jay and Wanise Lemmons, good friends from college.

    We worked with the youth group much of the time we have been here. I have served as a Shepherd since 1995. My passions are short-term mission work in the former Soviet Union and teaching. I have been to Russia, Khasakstan, and Ukraine. I plan to continue going back as long as the Lord allows and the doors are still open.

    We are very blessed to be a part of a loving family like Southeast. We are also blessed to have all of our children married and still living close to us here in the Denver area.

  • elder

    Jim Hines

    I was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1962 to Bob and Carole Hines; the third of four children. I lived in Borger, Texas for ten years and moved to Littleton, Colorado in the summer before the sixth grade. The Littleton Church of Christ was a major influence during this time with a strong youth program under Mike Myers. My father was an elder at the church, my mom was the church secretary and my older brother interned for the youth group. Mike led one or two mission trips a year and several of them were to work with Herman Pope in Idaho. I became acquainted with my future wife, Shelly Meek, during one of these trips. I moved again with my family back to Bartlesville for my senior year of high school. Shelly and I interned with Herman in Gooding, Idaho during the summer after we graduated.

    Shelly and I both attended Abilene Christian University starting in 1981. We were married in-between semesters of school in 1982 and I graduated with a computer science degree in 1985. We moved to Gooding to work with Herman and the church there and I found a programming job later that year. Brett was born in December and Shawna was born in July 1988. We lived in Idaho for six years and during this time we became close to Van and Lester DeLashmutt. When we moved to Aurora, Colorado in 1991 to work with JD Edwards, they moved with us and stayed through their four years of high school. We started working with the Southeast Church of Christ in ’91, working with the teen and education programs. I became an elder in 2001.

    Shelly graduated with her BA in Social Work in 2004 and has been working for Jewish Family Service ever since. Van married Ada in 1997, had a son Joshua Grant, a career in the Army and is currently married to Melenie and living in Florida. Lester married Melanie in 2001 and has been working for various call centers in the Denver area. Bret married Catherine Cortez in 2009 after graduating from ACU and currently works as a teacher’s aide. Shawna graduated from ACU this past December and is married to Brett Hicks. I have been working for Lockheed Martin as a Computer Storage Engineer for the past six years.

  • elder

    Marvin Roberts

    I was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised there until I was 12, when we moved to Littleton, CO.  In 1979, I spent time with some friends involved in a Bible study.  I went to the Littleton Church of Christ on November 11, 1979 and was baptized that Sunday.  I became involved in the college/career age singles group where I met my wife in July of 1980.  Sheri had just graduated with a Social Work/Psychology degree from Abilene Christian University.  She and some friends had just begun visiting churches after graduation.  We were married not even a year later, in May of 1981.   After a short while we decided to find a church closer to home where we could be more involved.   The Southeast Church of Christ had just been established and in January of 1982 we placed our membership here where we worshiped for 17 years.  We immediately got involved with the Middle School group and enjoyed leading them and being with them.  Once we started our family, we switched out teaching to the elementary age Bible classes with our children.  But, as soon as they were older, we again involved ourselves with the Middle School kids.  For the next four years I was the Deacon over the Middle School Age Youth Group where Sheri and I loved every minute spent with these kids.  When our oldest was entering High School, we left Southeast and joined the University Church of Christ where the kids spent the rest of their youth group years.  We continued our involvement with the Middle School age group as well as the entire youth group events, retreats, camps, etc.  While at University, I was appointed as one of the Elders where I served the body for our remaining four years there.  In late 2016, Sheri and I returned home here to Southeast where our plans are to remain, worship, serve, love and be used wherever God calls us.

    I have worked as a mechanic at RTD, both on the bus side and the light rail.  Beginning in January, 2020 my new position is Recording Secretary for the Amalgamated Transit Union.  In 1991 Sheri left her job to be an in-home child care provider as well as a full-time mom to our kids.  Together, we raised three children: Bradley, Krystin, and Jeffrey.  Each have their own families now and we are blessed to be Nonnie and Pops to six beautiful grandchildren.  Our sons and four grands live here, and our daughter and two grands live in Oklahoma.